Friday, September 19, 2014

Estate Tax Audits Are on the Rise

There's an important—yet unspoken—phenomenon in the world of estate tax: As the number of estate tax filings has been decreasing nationwide since 2001, there's been a corresponding increase in the Internal Revenue Service's audit coverage rate of estate tax returns—from 20 percent to nearly 100 percent.

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Robert S. Blumenfeld  
Senior Estate Audit Counsel

Mr. Blumenfeld concentrates his practice in the areas of International Tax and Estate Planning, Probate Law, and Representation of Resident and Non-Resident Aliens before the IRS.

Prior to joining Marini & Associates, P.A., he spent 32 years as the Senior Attorney with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Office of Deputy Commissioner, International. 
While with the IRS, he examined approximately 2,000 Estate Tax Returns and litigated various international and tax issues associated with these returns.As a result of his experience, he has extensive knowledge of the issues associated with and the preparation of U.S. Estate Tax Returns for Resident and Non-Resident Aliens, Gift Tax Returns, Form 706QDT and Qualified Domestic Trusts.

Mr. Blumenfeld is admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court. He is also a member of the Ohio Bar and he is a member of the Florida International Tax Group, which is an invitational only group, of the best International Tax Advisors in the State of Florida.

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