Thursday, October 9, 2014

IRS To Realign Compliance Operations

Starting Oct. 20, the IRS is realigning its tax compliance organizations serving individual and small business taxpayers. Realigning core business operations in its Wage and Investment and Small Business/Self-Employed divisions is expected to make processes more efficient.

In addition, the realignment will reduce redundancies and position ourselves to improve our ability to identify emerging compliance issues. This change will be seamless for taxpayers and tax professionals. The goal of the realignment is to primarily focus SB/SE on post-filing compliance and W&I on pre-refund compliance.

Currently, IRS examination and collection activities for individuals and small businesses overlap between W&I and SB/SE. The concept being reviewed would realign compliance-related operations to avoid organizational duplications, find operational efficiencies and help more quickly identify emerging compliance risks.

For taxpayers and tax professionals, the goal is improved customer service and easier contact for handling their issues. In an effort to get the best plan possible, the IRS also has engaged its front-line employees and managers to help refine the plan.

Here, in general, is the concept:
  • Pre-filing compliance programs would move to W&I.
  • Post-filing compliance programs would move to SB/SE.
  • Two new functions would be created in SB/SE, one focused on collection work and one on examination work.
  • W&I and SB/SE identity theft victims’ assistance work would centralize under W&I.
  • SB/SE and W&I compliance headquarters and support staff generally would align to consolidated support functions.
Generally, this plan would move pre-filing compliance work to W&I and post-filing compliance work for individuals and small businesses to SB/SE. While the realignment would change some organizational lines, no employee jobs will be lost as a result of this effort.

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