Friday, November 8, 2013

Seems Like The IRS Is Having Trouble Delivering Transcipts?

We reprinted Tax Attorney James R Malone, Jr's string of postings from Tax Controversy Professionals LinkedIn Group, which indicates that the IRS doesn't seem to be taking live transcript requests?

Ellen Brody - Partner at Roberts & Holland LLP

My partner had that same problem yesterday - leave me a message with all the detail and we will mail it to you in 7-10 business days.
Stephen Olsen - Tax Attorney at Gawthrop Greenwood

I was able to get transcripts over the last few days, but when I called in yesterday, the person I spoke with said the system was down, and they could not assist at that time. This was in line with computer problems I had dealing with exam and collections this week, with most Service folks claiming the slowness and glitches starting late last week. Yesterday, I was told to wait three hours and call back. I still haven't tried yet. Hopefully, this is temporary.
Dana Snider - Law Office Dana Snider
You're right, they give you the recording, you type it all in and then they say "a transcript will be sent in the next 10 days" or something to that effect then they hang up on you.

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