Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mandatory Public CbC Reporting Proposed by the OECD!

On April 12, 2016 the European Commission presented a proposal that would require all large Multinational Enterprises with operations in the European Union to Publicly Disclose certain tax-related information for all their entities in the EU and in designated tax havens on a country-by-country (CbC) basis.
The European Commission has indicated that it will establish a common EU list of tax haven jurisdictions as soon as possible. These Multinational Enterprises would also be required publish an aggregate figure for total taxes paid outside of the EU.

Reasons For and Objectives of the Proposal  A healthy Single Market needs a fair, efficient and growth-friendly corporate tax system, based on the principle that companies should pay taxes in the country where profits are generated. Aggressive tax planning undermines this principle. The majority of companies do not engage in aggressive tax planning and suffer a competitive disadvantage to those that do. Small and medium-sized companies are particularly affected by this phenomenon.  
Fighting against tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning, both at EU and global level, is a political priority for the European Commission. As part of a broader strategy for a Fair and Efficient Corporate Tax System in the EU, public scrutiny can help to ensure that profits are effectively taxed where they are generated.
Public scrutiny can reinforce public trust and strengthen companies' corporate social responsibility by contributing to the welfare through paying taxes in the country where they are active. In addition, it can also promote a better informed debate on potential shortcomings in tax laws. 
Responding to the calls from the G20 and elsewhere, greater transparency on the side of companies is needed to enable public scrutiny of whether tax is paid where profits are produced. This proposal requires that MNEs disclose publicly in a specific report the income tax they pay together with other relevant tax-related information. MNEs, whether headquartered in the EU or outside, with turnover of more than EUR 750m ($855mm) will need to comply with these additional transparency requirements.
For the first time, not only European Businesses but also Non-European Multinational Companies (US) doing business in Europe will have the
Same Reporting Obligations!
  • This proposal focusses on corporate groups with a worldwide consolidated net turnover of more than EUR 750 million, in line with the scope of global OECD initiatives on tax transparency.
  • The proposal does not impose any obligations on small and medium-sized companies.
  • It is proportionate both in terms of scope and information to be disclosed so as to limit compliance and other costs for affected companies, as well as to avoid jeopardizing their competitiveness or expose them unduly to double taxation risks.
  • It fits into the multilateral approach supported by the G20 and the OECD.
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