Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IRS Is Considers Bonus for Furloughs Swap? Whats New For The Under Appreciated IRS Employees?

The Internal Revenue Service is considering canceling employee bonuses and using the money to avoid two unpaid furlough days, the agency’s interim leader told staff members in a memo today.

The agency made the announcement on the same day that House Republicans proposed a 24 percent, or $2.9 billion, budget cut that would make the IRS smaller in fiscal 2014 than it was in 2002.
The IRS has already stopped bonuses to managers, consistent with government-wide spending limits. Werfel wrote that he is now trying to stop bonuses for senior executives and for unionized front-line workers, who make up more than 85 percent of the 90,000-person workforce.

If the bonuses don’t get paid, the IRS would likely cancel furlough days scheduled for July 22 and Aug. 30, meaning that employees would get paid and the agency would be open to the public. The agency was closed for three days between May 24 and July 5.

A House appropriations subcommittee is scheduled to consider the agency’s budget tomorrow, along with proposed limits on IRS spending on bonuses, conferences and videos.
What is next? No Lunch Breaks?
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