Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swiss Bank Clariden Leu to Turn in Its U.S. Clients

 Switzerland's oldest private bank Clariden Leu has informed some of its U.S. clients that it has been ordered to turn over their names, and offshore bank account information to the IRS.
Clariden Leu posted a notice on its website dated Nov. 29, 2011 to that effect.

This is bad news for U.S. offshore account owners who have not previously made a voluntary disclosure to the IRS. Such individuals run the risk of the IRS filing criminal tax fraud charges against them, or criminal charges related to willful FBAR violations. Alternatively, only civil tax fraud or other penalties may be involved, but the FBAR penalties alone could far exceed the balances in the offshore accounts.

The notice refers to a U.S. treaty request apparently covering U.S. beneficial owners of beneficial accounts at Credit Suisse AG, Neue Aargauer Bank AG, and Clariden Leu.

In November Credit Suisse announced that it is in the process of integrating Clariden Leu's operations into Credit Suisse. The treaty request appears to be limited to U.S. account holders who hold their accounts through "domiciliary companies."

The notice also points out that although the account holders have appeal rights to the SFTA (Swiss Federal Tax Authority) attempts to block the turnover of information to the IRS may require compliance with 18 USC Section 3506. That section provides that:
"...any national or resident of the United States who submits, or causes to be submitted, a pleading or other document to a court or other authority in a foreign country in opposition to an official request for evidence of an offense shall serve such pleading or other document on the Attorney General at the time such pleading or other document is submitted."
The notice correctly observes that anyone in this situation should consult with a qualified attorney concerning any obligations under Section 3506.

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