Wednesday, March 10, 2021

If You Are Running an Escort Service You Should AT LEAST Pay Your Taxes

Jami Kopacz tax evasion


A Florida man was sentenced on March 5, 2021 to 21 months in prison for filing a false tax return. 

Jami Kopacz, of Fort Lauderdale, pleaded guilty to filing a false corporate tax return on Dec. 16, 2020. According to court documents and statements made in court, Kopacz worked as a paid escort for clients across the United States. Kopacz received payments directly from his escort clients, and from a private business for whom he worked as an independent contractor. 

From 2015 to 2018, Kopacz used his corporation, JK Training LLC, to receive income, and then filed false corporate tax returns (Forms 1120S) that substantially underreported the company’s gross receipts and total income. 

Kopacz, described as a “paid escort” by authorities, was the manager and sole shareholder of JK Training LLC, which was located at 901 NE 3rd St. in Fort Lauderdale. Both he and his business received cash, checks and wire transfers from clients, according to a factual statement filed with his plea agreement. Kopacz’s company also received payments from a private business for whom he worked as an independent contractor and escort. 

The false reporting of income on JK Training’s corporate tax return flowed to Kopacz’s individual tax return.

But for tax years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018,
Kopacz acknowledged in the factual statement that he
filed false IRS returns by “knowingly” under-reporting
his corporate and personal income.

The amount of unreported income grew higher during the four-year span, resulting in a failure to pay back taxes of $27,208 in 2015, $34,920 in 2016, $101,875 in 2017 and $114,322 in 2018 for a total IRS loss of $278,325, according to federal prosecutor Christopher Browne. 

“Specifically, the defendant failed to report large amounts of cash and check payments he had received from clients,” said the factual statement, which was signed by Kopacz and his defense attorney, Richard Lubin, along with Browne and Justice Department tax attorney Grace Albinson.

In addition to the term of imprisonment, U.S. District Court Judge Roy K. Altman ordered Kopacz to pay $278,325 in restitution to the IRS

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