Monday, July 10, 2017

Vote For TaxAid's Blog "The Tax Times" As One of Your Favorite Blogs!

Let the ABA know if you enjoy reading's Blog "The Tax Times."


Go to Web 100 to Submit your nomination.

Below we have provided some of the required answers to facilitate this process for you:

  1. Format - check Blog
  2. Title - Blog "The Tax Times"
  3. Homepage -
  4. Example - Pick your own favorite post or use ours The US Is Now Revoking Passports of US Taxpayers Who Have Unpaid Taxes!
  5. Fill in Why are you a fan?
  6. Check NO for Do you know the creator? (Unless you actually know me, in which case, check YES)
  7. Check YES do we have permission to use your name and this comment (unless you would prefer not to have your name and your contacts used, in which case, check NO).
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